It provides hight quality additional software to accompany your RedHat distribution"> Enable EPEL Repository on CentOS or RHEL box
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Enable EPEL Repository on CentOS or RHEL box

EPEL stands for "Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux" and is a yum repository.
It provides hight quality additional software to accompany your RedHat distribution, such as:

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • CentOS
  • Fedora

Two methods are available to RedHat users for installing EPEL

YUM method

Use yum, the built-in command:

# yum install epel-release


RPM method

Mostly applicable to CentOS systems, we need to issue a command according to our distro.


CentOS 8

# yum install
# dnf config-manager --set-enabled PowerTools


CentOS 7

# yum install


CentOS 6

# yum install


Enable the EPEL repository

In order to activate and start using the newly installed EPEL repository issue the command below

# yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=epel list all


The above command will show a (pretty long) list of the available software, that looks something like this:


zimg-devel.x86_64 2.9.3-1.el8 epel         

zinnia.x86_64 0.06-46.el8         epel         

zinnia-devel.x86_64        0.06-46.el8       epel         

zinnia-doc.noarch          0.06-46.el8         epel         

zinnia-perl.x86_64         0.06-46.el8         epel         

zinnia-tomoe-ja.x86_64      0.06-46.el8         epel         

zinnia-tomoe-zh_CN.x86_64   0.06-46.el8         epel         

zinnia-utils.x86_64         0.06-46.el8         epel         

zip.x86_64                  3.0-23.el8          BaseOS       

zlib.i686                   1.2.11-16.el8_2     BaseOS       

zlib-devel.i686             1.2.11-16.el8_2     BaseOS       

zlib-devel.x86_64           1.2.11-16.el8_2     BaseOS       

znc.x86_64                  1.8.1-1.el8         epel                

znc-devel.x86_64            1.8.1-1.el8         epel         

znc-modperl.x86_64          1.8.1-1.el8         epel         

znc-modpython.x86_64        1.8.1-1.el8         epel         

znc-modtcl.x86_64           1.8.1-1.el8       epel         

zork.x86_64                 1.0.2-3.el8         epel         

zsh.x86_64                  5.5.1-6.el8_1.2     BaseOS       

zsh-html.noarch             5.5.1-6.el8_1.2     AppStream    

zsh-syntax-highlighting.noarch 0.7.1-1.el8      epel         

zstd.x86_64                 1.4.2-2.el8         AppStream    

zswap-cli.x86_64            0.4.1-1.el8         epel         

zvbi.x86_64                 0.2.35-9.el8        epel         

zvbi-devel.x86_64           0.2.35-9.el8        epel         

zvbi-fonts.noarch           0.2.35-9.el8        epel         

zziplib.i686                0.13.68-8.el8       AppStream    

zziplib.x86_64              0.13.68-8.el8       AppStream    

zziplib-utils.x86_64        0.13.68-8.el8       AppStream



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